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ok, beaucraft-ku is specially built up by our family which is Pn. Rusnani (tokey yg buat all products), Syasya (tokey yg membantu buat product dan jaga ini blog), Hana yoriee (tukang promote and update blog cum marketing exec), Bai @ Fifi (tukang pos)..hehe..so, inilah managing director nya.

FYI, this blog is newly born. We will update all the products that we had produce and going to be produce soon. So, tungguuu..

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


my fisrt tagged by my sis(hana yoriee)!!hehe...

1. Link kepada orang yang bagi award ni:
hana yoriee

2. Nyatakan sebab musabab anda minat kaler PINK:
sebab ea??huhu sbb kaler pink sweet..comey...and so on...=)
(huhu kalo dh minat tu mcm2 je)

3. Sejak bila suka kaler PINK: sejak dulu kala lg..huhuhu...=)
(smpaikan akak ku nie pon myibuk minat kaler favourite ku!!)

4. Nyatakan 5 barang yang anda paling sayang yang kaler nya PINK:

1-my luvly handphone!!(harte kesygan dr bfku)
2-teddy bear(merangkap bantal buchuk)
3-hehe secret inner also byk pink!!=P
4-cadar tilamku
5- shirt and baju2 batik ku...hehe

5. Snap gambar anda dengan salah satu barang kaler PINK:
my pinkish bear!!=)



  1. agaga..takde ke pic lenlain yg lagi comey? ini comot..hahaha

  2. haha...bia le comot pom!!hehe
    malas nk mik pic laen nie je yg cumel bgku..huhu..=)


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1. yanie :1 diary songket (S) without pewter
(posted on 27th April 2010 -nationwide 30569113-000000)

2. shena : hairband clay 2pcs

3. b2b siti : bunga pahar clay 100 cucuk

4. b2b siti : 1 songket guestbook