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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

diary songket

material : diary,songket and pewter
price with pewter : size (s) RM45, (l) RM55
without pewter : (s) RM 35, (l) RM45


  1. wah................................. how is this??? very pweety!!!

  2. zara: hehe..pretttylicious kan? kalo minat dropby an email k? =)

  3. hahaha. i meant to say how much is this. kahkahkah

  4. cantiknya...Boleh tak awak email price kat saya thisisyanie@yahoo.com... Adik Hana kan? Hehehe

  5. yanie ; yea adik hana..nnti i email price ye..

  6. zara: owhh..u mean, how much? hahaha..bg email u..nnt i emailkan price dia kat u..ok?

  7. ello. nak tanya. the diary only comes in this colour je ke? boleh ke if nak request other colour?

  8. hai dear! just godek2 one blog tadi,tetiba gedabak ade gmbar mende nih. terus tangkap cintan n view blog u! bminat sgt nih.boleh x u emel i the price kat lin.ninie@yahoo.com. kalo boleh i nak warna putih n siap ngan penanda sbb nak buat utk al-quran hantaran nikah. chomels!^_^

  9. hai u leh tau tak u ade jual tak pewter yg kat ujung bucu dairy tuh?? i nak beli


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